Book a Jaguar Service

We’ve been providing dealership-level car servicing for Jaguar car owners for many years.

Established in 1947, we pride ourselves on our honest, friendly and professional approach.

We offer a comprehensive service, that’s not only really clear and easy to understand but also convenient:

  • Quality. Jaguar dealership-level servicing that won’t affect your warranty.
  • Communication. We explain everything and always check with you first before doing any further work.
  • Convenient. Loan cars are available if you need one, please book early.

To book a service for your Jaguar, give Station Road Garage a call on: 01386 840297.

Our Jaguar car service

We’ve worked on many Jaguars over the years and are an approved, fully registered independent workshop.

Jaguar cars are relatively reliable. The main issues we have to deal with for them tend to be less serious ones, like problems with certain electrical features.

A full service should be undertaken every two years, but if you’re doing above average mileage, it’s probably worth booking a service once a year.

All our Jaguar services are carried out in accordance with manufacturers guidelines by highly experienced, skilled technicians.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after a full service.

Your car will feel like new again and you’ll have peace of mind that everything is working as it should be.

Is my Jaguar warranty protected?

Yes. If you’re within your warranty period we will carry out a full manufacturer service, which is designed to meet – and even exceed – the standards defined by Jaguar.

When you’re within your warranty, we’ll only fit genuine Jaguar parts.

Your Jaguar service at Station Road Garage

At Station Road Garage, we offer three main types of Jaguar services:

* Manufacturer service

If your Jaguar is still in warranty you’ll need a manufacturer service.

All vehicles serviced by us under a manufacturer’s warranty will receive only genuine Jaguar service parts.

* Full service

Similar to the manufacturer service, our full service is comprehensive and is tailored to suit your Jaguar.

All vehicles outside of a manufacturer's warranty will receive the best quality, authentic branded parts.

* Interim service

Also known as an oil service, this is usually carried out in between full services and focuses on the fundamentals.

We use the highest quality lubricants and are registered for electronic "look-up", so your Jaguar will always receive the correct grade of lubricant during one of our services.

Important notes for your Jaguar service with us…

A full service usually takes around two to four hours, add to this any additional time needed for fitting replacement parts.

Therefore, it’s worth preparing to be without your Jaguar vehicle for a whole day.

Don’t worry, we have a number of very reliable loan cars, but please, book one early as they are very popular.

Please remember to bring your Jaguar service and maintenance handbook with you so we can stamp it. Unless you have a new Jaguar and use digital records only.

Also, you must leave your locking wheel nut key out for us too.

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