Land Rover diagnostic

Have you just seen, or keep seeing, a worrying warning light in your Land Rover?

While some warning lights are quite routine, others could be the first sign that something is seriously wrong.

The best advice we can give is: don't ignore it – get it checked out by a professional.

What is a diagnostic?

Your Land Rover is a really complex machine, using networked modules to control the host of safety features and comfort functions that, no doubt, you are used to working perfectly.

While these systems are very reliable, faults can and do occur.

A car diagnostic is a test carried out by a trained engineer to discover what’s causing a problem with your Land Rover, whether the issue is signified by a mechanical malfunction or a warning light flashing on a dashboard.

Practically speaking, a car diagnostic involves using a specialist piece of equipment to connect to the relevant system, carry out tests and display, or print-out the results.

Why use Station Road Garage for diagnostics?

Here at Station Road Garage, diagnostics and auto electrical repairs are a speciality.

We continually invest in the latest diagnostics tools and their maintenance, so that we can provide our Land Rover customers with the most accurate fault interpretation available.

We can confidently say that we can cover all possible faults that can occur on a Land Rover.

Also, you might have noticed that some features on your Land Rover are more useful than others – we can adjust, add or remove programmable functions such as reversing sensors or Intelligent Stop/Start.

We've also got a fleet of very reliable loan cars, so, if you do need to leave your car with us for a day, it doesn’t have to disrupt your routine.

Whether it’s a worrying warning light, broken key fob or any ongoing niggle you might have with your Land Rover, just call us on: 01386 840297.

Which diagnostics tools do you use?

We use various different diagnostic tools on a daily basis including the Autel MK908 Pro, OBDstar and the Snap on Verus Edge.

When it comes to working with your Land Rover’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) we’ll use the Autel and snap-on genuine tools.

Learn more about our specialist car diagnostic services and the tools we use.

Is your garage near me?

We’ve been providing dealership-level diagnostics from our base in Chipping Campden to customers across Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Worcestershire for many years.

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