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To the car owner, quite often the first sign of an issue will be the illumination of a warning light. Each major system will have its own dedicated warning light and these can be observed during the instrument's check cycle upon initial start up. The illumination of a warning light during driving requires investigation as soon as possible. 

At Station Road Garage, Diagnostics and Auto Electrical repairs are a speciality. Modern vehicles have become incredibly complex, using networked modules to control the host of safety features and comfort functions that we all have become accustomed to. Whilst (on the whole!) these systems are very reliable, faults can and do occur.

We invest continually in the latest diagnostics and ensure that the tools are updated to provide us with the most accurate fault interpretation available. With over 10 diagnostic platforms (most at dealership level and beyond), we are able to cover all major manufacturers. Below are some of the systems that can be interrogated:

  • Engine Management (Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid)
  • ABS/Traction Control
  • Emissions Control (DPF, Addblue, CAT, EGR)
  • Instruments
  • Security
  • Power Steering (Hydraulic, Electric)
  • Climate Control (Heating, Air-con)
  • Lighting
  • Comfort
  • Audio/Visual

In addition to diagnosis, we can also adjust, add and remove programmable functions on the majority of vehicles. From "walk me home" lighting to reversing sensors, the range of adjustments and functions on some vehicles is simply staggering,


 Repairs and reconditioning


In the relatively rare case that a control module fails, the cost involved with OE replacement can be eye watering. A repair and recondition service is available for common modules, types listed below:

  • Engine ECU's
  • ABS modules
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Semi-Automatic Gearshift Units

We can also repair remote key fobs - including ones that "cannot" be opened.


Workshop Tools

 Having the latest and updated diagnostic equipment is essential for quick and efficient fault interpretation. However, these are only a starting point and are reinforced by a wide range of specific test equipment. Below is a brief overview of some (not all) of the test equipment in the workshop;

  • Launch X431 PRO
  • Autel MS906
  • Hella Guttman
  • VCDS (Vag-Com)
  • Snap-On Oscilloscopevcds
  • Bosch KTS/Breakout Test Cables
  • 7 + Manufacturer Specific Platforms
  • Delphi "False Rail" Diesel Common Rail Test System
  • Smoke Pro Inlet/Turbo Charge Tester
  • Bore Scope
  • Facom Printing Compression Tester

Vehicle Tuning

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