Car diagnostics

Have you just seen, or keep seeing, a worrying warning light in your car?

While some warning lights are quite routine, others could be the first sign that something is seriously wrong.

The best advice we can give is: don't ignore it – get it checked out by a professional.

When do I need your diagnostic services?

Whether you own a car, van or truck, quite often the first sign of an issue will be the illumination of a warning light.

Each major system in your vehicle will have its own dedicated warning light and these can be observed during the instrument's check cycle upon initial start-up.

The illumination of a warning light during driving requires investigation as soon as possible.

Modern vehicles rely on seriously sophisticated bits of tech to function properly, and are, as a result, incredibly complex machines, using networked modules to control the host of safety features and comfort functions that we've all become accustomed to.

While these systems are very reliable, faults can and do occur.

Why use Station Road Garage for diagnostics?

Here at Station Road Garage, diagnostics and auto electrical repairs are a speciality.

We're continually investing in the latest diagnostics tools, and their maintenance, so that we can provide our customers with the most accurate fault interpretation available.

We can confidently say that we can cover all possible faults that can occur on all the major vehicle manufacturers.

In the relatively rare case that a control module fails, a repair and recondition service is available on:

  • Engine ECUs
  • ABS modules
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Semi-Automatic Gearshift Units

We can also repair remote key fobs and provide ECU remapping.

And with the sheer range of functions on modern vehicles ever increasing – some features being more useful than others – we can also adjust, add or remove programmable functions such as reversing sensors or auto-stop.

We've also got a fleet of very reliable loan cars, so, if you do need to leave your car with us for a day, it won’t disrupt your routine.

Whether it’s a worrying warning light, broken key fob or any ongoing niggle you might have with your vehicle, just call us on: 01386 840297.

Which systems can you check for faults?

With over 10 dealership-level diagnostic platforms here at Station Road Garage we can check the following systems:

  • Engine Management (Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid)
  • ABS/Traction Control
  • Emissions Control (DPF, Addblue, CAT, EGR)
  • Instruments
  • Security
  • Power Steering (Hydraulic, Electric)
  • Climate Control (Heating, Air-con)
  • Lighting
  • Comfort
  • Audio/Visual

Which brands can you provide car diagnostics on?

We can provide diagnostics on all car brands in the UK, here is just a selection of the most common ones we’ve worked on over the last few years.

Which diagnostics tools do you use and what do they do?

We have many tools we use, some daily, others only once or twice a month. Here’s a selection.

General tools

Our go-to tools we use on a daily basis.

Autel MK908 Pro - It has outstanding coverage, provides fantastic fault interpretation and carries out numerous functions at dealership-level and beyond.

Autel IM608 - This has similar diagnostic capability to the MK908, but is focused mainly on immobiliser tasks. From key programming to ecu alignment/renewal and individual eeprom/flash memory programming.

It's one of the most powerful aftermarket tools on the market today, carrying out functions beyond dealership-level.

OBDstar - A pure immobiliser/chip/key programming tool. It’s the latest to join the fleet and has proved very efficient so far on every task thrown at it.

Snap on Verus Edge - This is another general tool we use on a daily basis. It has strengths where other tools are a little weak. When presented with a troublesome diagnostic task, it gets the job done. It prints clear fault reports and has a built in oscilloscope and voltmeter, which is very useful on more in-depth fault finding.


We provide dealership-level diagnostics and services, and sometimes beyond.

This means we have a large number of manufacturer-specific diagnostic tools for carrying out specialised functions on various vehicles, here are a few examples:

BMW ISTA Workshop system - The same system as used by a BMW main dealer. From software updates, to coding and programming new modules.

Mercedes XENTRY - The same system as used by a Mercedes main dealer. Programming, SCN coding and in-depth diagnostics available.

VCDS (Vagcom) - A simple looking, but very powerful diagnostics/coding tool for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda.

FORScan - Again a simple, but powerful diagnosis and coding tool for Ford vehicles.

RenoLink - The most powerful tool out there, for diagnosis and modification of Renault vehicles.

ECU and remapping tools

The ECU, also known as the Electronic Control Unit, is the “brain” of any modern vehicle. It’s much the same as the operating system you’ll find in a laptop or mobile phone.

With it being so crucial to the functioning of any vehicle, we have a number of specialist tools to help us diagnose and solve any issues:

Dimsport New Genius - A very effective tool for extracting and writing ECU software via the OBD port on cars, vans, 4x4s, trucks, tractors and plant machinery.

Dimsport Trasdata - A tool for reading and writing ECU software on the bench (with ECU removed). This tool covers most ECUs in circulation today.

KESS/KTAG - Similar to the above, OBD and bench tool for reading and writing ECU data.

USB Prog/VVDI Prog - Is a specialist tool for extracting and writing data to individual chips in various ECUs on a vehicle. Not used often, but invaluable when essential data needs to be saved or modified from an individual chip, such as EEPROM.


 To arrange a diagnostic on your vehicle, just call us on: 01386 840297.

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