Aircon Regas - Air Conditioning Recharge

Is the air conditioning in your car not working, or not as effective as it used to be?

Most manufacturers recommend that you get your air conditioning serviced every two years and not wait until it starts blowing warm air.

They are never checked in MOTs, so it’s easy to miss a problem with them.

Don’t worry, if your aircon isn’t working it’s more than likely you’ll just need to ‘regas’ your air conditioning unit, which is a relatively simple process.

What is an 'aircon regas'?

Air conditioning units in cars need refrigerant gases to function properly.

An aircon regas is simply the process of replacing the old refrigerant gas in your car’s air conditioning unit with new refrigerant, so the air feels fresh and icy cold again.

In the UK there are two main types of refrigerant gases R1234YF and R134A.

If your car was manufactured after January 1, 2017 then your refrigerant will be R1234YF.

All cars manufactured up until 2014 use R134A.

Those cars made in the transitional period between 2014 and the end of 2016, could use either type.

Free air conditioning performance test

If you suspect something’s not quite right with the air conditioning in your car, give us a call on 01386 840297 and we’ll arrange an appointment.

When you bring your car over to the Station Road Garage, we’ll use our specialist equipment to diagnose any problems and identify which type of gas is needed for your car, for free.

If your air conditioning unit just needs a regas, we’ll do that while you wait.

If we find any problems or other work that’s needed, we can then book a more convenient time for you to come back.

How do I keep my air conditioning system working effectively?

Despite the weather being as it is in the UK, the best way to keep your car’s air conditioning in good condition is to use it all-year-round – and not just wait until a hot spell in summer.

That said, air conditioning units in cars can be one of the most troublesome items – and they need to be maintained regularly, regardless of performance.

So, do make sure you get it checked regularly, this includes its filters too.

Give us a call to book your car air conditioning check.

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