Booking a car service

Based in Chipping Campden, we’ve been providing dealership-level car servicing for customers across Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Worcestershire for many years.

Established in 1947, we pride ourselves on our honest, friendly and professional approach.

We’re a registered, fully authorised servicing garage – we can even update your service records online for you, where available.

We offer a comprehensive service, that’s not only really clear and easy to understand but also convenient:

  • Quality. Dealership-level servicing that won’t affect your warranty.
  • Communication. We always explain everything and make sure we check with you first before doing any further work.
  • Convenient. Loan cars are available if you need one, please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book your car service, give Station Road Garage a call on: 01386 840297.

What is a car service?

A car service is a comprehensive health check for your car carried out by one of our specialist technicians – based on guidelines specified by your car’s manufacturer.

We test all the important components on your car, such as the brakes, suspension, steering, lighting and tyres.

Car services are designed to keep your vehicle roadworthy and to spot any potential problems that might arise – and fix them before they do.

At Station Road Garage, we offer three main types of car services:

* Manufacturer service

If your car is still in warranty you’ll need a manufacturer service.

The manufacturer service is model-specific, so it’s tailor-made for your car.

All vehicles serviced by us under a manufacturer’s warranty will receive only genuine manufacturer service parts.

* Full service

Similar to the manufacturer service, our full service is comprehensive and is tailored to suit your vehicle.

All vehicles outside of a manufacturer's warranty will receive the best quality, authentic branded parts.

* Interim service

Also known as an oil service, this is usually carried out in between full services and focuses on the fundamentals.

We use the highest quality lubricants and are registered for electronic "look-up", so your vehicle will always receive the correct grade of lubricant during one of our services.

Is the air conditioning in your car not working? See how we can help and book an aircon regas with us today!

How often should I book a car service?

A full service usually takes place every two years, but is mileage dependent.

If your mileage is consistently high, we recommend you book a car service once a year to make sure your car stays in its best possible condition.

A brake fluid change must also be carried out every two years, too.

How long does a car service take?

They usually take between two and four hours plus any work that’s needed, so it’s a good idea to factor in a whole day to get your car serviced.

We have a fleet of loan cars available, free of charge, so it’s easy to leave your vehicle with us for a day.

What else do I need to bring to my car service?

Having a complete service history documented for your car will help its resale value.

Therefore, when you drive over, please make sure you bring your service book so we can stamp it. 

You must also leave your locking wheel nut key out for us too, please.

Can I get a replacement car while you do my service?

Yes. We have a fleet of extremely reliable loan cars.

Please book one early as they’re very popular!

Which car brands can you service?

We can service all of the manufacturer car brands in circulation in the UK today.

Here are some of the most frequent car brands we see here at Station Road Garage and links to more information about their specific servicing needs.

What’s included in your car servicing?

Whether it’s a manufacturer service or one of our full services, here’s a list of all the checks we carry out.


  • Check exterior lights
  • Check window washers & wipers
  • Check condition of the windscreen for cracks and chips
  • Check condition of the number plates
  • Check door, bonnet and lock operation
  • Check mirrors


  • Check horn
  • Check seat belts
  • Pollen filter change
  • Check condition of the air conditioning


  • Flush engine
  • Engine oil/filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Spark plug change (if applicable)
  • Check drive belt condition/tension
  • General inspection (mountings, leaks etc)


  • Check suspension
  • Check steering
  • Thorough check of brakes (removing rear drums
    where fitted, for cleaning/adjustment)
  • Check brake pipes/hoses/cables and fuel lines
  • Check transmission (including fluid level)
  • Lubricate joints (where applicable)
  • Check exhaust/mountings
  • Check vehicle structure/tow bars


  • Check fitment (Size, type, rotation)
  • Check condition
  • Check pressures (inc. spare). Reset TPMS

 Documentation/Hand Over

  • Full diagnostic scan, note any permanent faults and
    clear any sporadic/aged error codes
  • Reset service indicator
  • Fill out service records
  • Replace service sticker (always installed in driver’s door shut)
  • Conduct a road test
  • Explain any advisories (if applicable)

Ready to book your service? Just give us a call on 01386 840297.

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